“I close my eyes and see my dreams“, this is the title of one of a ceramic sculptures that shown in the “Cages Torn Open”, exhibition of sculptures and paintings at Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 13th May until 12th June 2014 by Chhan Dina, a female sculptor and painter from Phnom Penh City.

Ceramic sculpture Photo: Sun Vanndy

Ceramic sculpture
Photo: Sun Vanndy

Script describe about the exhibition

We are born free, and everywhere in chains. We are animals in zoos behind bars, we are women and men locked away in our factories and offices. The only difference between animal and human is the hand, which can wave, caress, paint; but also build barriers, construct fences and turn locks. Still, the eyes of humans, eyes of birds, eye of beasts, all twinkle with the desire for liberty.

In Chhan Dina’s vivid new exhibition, Cages torn open, we are reminded of what we share with other living beings, and what we forget and deny. The paintings explode with colour, a confident assertion of the shared liberation themes. In paint, line and colour blur the the distinctions between species, all swimming in the same soup; in fired clay, disparate characteristics are fused into one body.

Faces shine at us, even when grotesque. Open hands reach towards us, into us, prompting a reflection on the nature of humanity: a word we use to describe both our highest ideals and our inevitable imperfections. Are we feeding the animals? Warding of danger? Asking for forgiveness? Giving a warning? Offering a helping hand?

These hands are tearing open the cages that keep us from embracing all living things.

Other sculpture Photo: Sun Vanndy

Other sculptures
Photo: Sun Vanndy

The event located in Phnom Penh, however, I noted mostly the participation is foreigners who always support any kinds of artistic. Some of them I always met in any photo exhibition that I participated.

It is also a good time to know more about other experiences and their talents as well as building networking. However, we should not make too much noise in the exhibition hall by our personal discussion.

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