Well, this post seems out of the topic of photography, but to take more attention about new Email scams. The new updated Email spam improved more better now. Recently, many people who owned an Android phone got an email from Android Cash Splash Promo 2014 (cashsplashpromo@andriod.com) with the subject “Very Urgent Information” to inform that they are the second prize winner from their company.


The original email as below:


1. ahmed_buswa@chevron.com   1,000,000.00  GBP Confidential
2. YourEmailAddress                500,000.00 GBP somecode
3. ahmed_buswa@chevron.com   200,000.00 GBP Confidential

We are happy to inform you that you are our second prize winner and you won 500,000.00 GBP (Five hundred thousand Great British Pounds) at this promo. Your ticket number is AD540201H. Please take note of your ticket number as it will be needed for verification.

To receive your money, winners are expected to reply this email with the following information for verification: 1. Your Full Names 2. Residential address 3. Mobile number 4. Email address 5. Ticket number 6. Copy of your international passport or driver’s license

Your payment will be issued to you when we receive your reply with your information as outlined above.

Please bear it in mind that you won big in this promo because you are one of our valuable customers. However, if you wish to decline the receipt of your prize money, you are to notify us on time so that the opportunity will be given to another Android user.

WARNING: Because of numerous fraudulent schemes going around the internet, confidentiality should be accorded at all times. You are expected to keep the news of your winning and your ticket number to yourself until you have received your prize money. This is to avoid false claims and abuse of the program. Android Inc will never ask you to pay any fee before you receive your prize money.

You can call +447024056533 if you wish to speak to someone from our office. 

Please inform us as soon as you receive your money


James Harny
Chief Financial Officer
Adroid Inc – Google – United Kingdom

Tel: +44-702-405-6533


The first look at this email, the address of sender from cashsplashpromo@andriod.com, your mind immediately may think that you got the real email from Android Inc, and mostly you believe in it, because it used the name similar to the famous product that you ever known; but check again for sure, it is Andriod (io)  not the real Android (oi). Another noted, the signification of Chief Financial Office also wrote the wrong word: Adroid Inc (for got n for Android); does the CFO careless like this?

They are not required you to pay any cash, but they only required only 6 points for you to submit: 1. Your Full Names 2. Residential address 3. Mobile number 4. Email address 5. Ticket number 6. Copy of your international passport or driver’s license.

These information seem doesn’t take any risk to your financial, any credit card or bank account. But it could be the future risk for you when you provide them your address, contact number and especially your copy of passport. They may use your personal information into any cases of crime on you in the future that you cannot expected.

I am not an Android user, but most of my friends. All i can do is to spread out this information to alert anyone more careful with the new style of the Email scams. Hope it is useful.


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